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Paul was extremely supportive of The Dimock Center's role in caring for people in marginalized communities in Boston, through strategic advice, funding, advocacy, and public comments. He also played a valuable role in assisting me in establishing strategic priorities for Wheelock College, focusing on the training of students to be teachers and child development specialists in a wide variety of settings.

Jackie Jenkins-Scott,

former CEO of the Dimock Center and former President of Wheelock College

Sam Kennedy.jpg

I had the great pleasure of working with Paul to invent and implement the Red Sox Scholars program. The mission of the program is to empower Boston's youth to pursue their goals, through and beyond college by providing mentorship and access to academic, professional, and social opportunities. The program awards a $10,000 college scholarship to several Boston Public School 7th graders each year, which is received by them upon graduation from high school. As a result of Paul's enthusiastic support, dozens of Red Sox Scholarships have been awarded, and the program was recognized by Major League Baseball with the first-ever "MLB Commissioner’s Award for Philanthropic Excellence" in 2010.

Paul has been a mentor and friend since he coached my soccer teams throughout middle and high school. I grew up in Newtonville – where my parents still live – and graduated NNHS in 2000. I’m now a Senior Attorney with the nonprofit California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice. As a coach, Paul instilled lessons in teamwork, humility, and self-discipline that I carry with me in my work to this day. He has supported my career and my family at numerous junctures over the last 30 years. He is a generous, kind, talented, and dedicated father, coach, leader, and community member who will make an incredible addition to the Newton School Committee.

Sam Kennedy,

President, Boston Red Sox


Katie Kavanagh, NNHS '00

Senior Attorney, California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice

Nebiye Woldehaimanot.jpg

Over the many years I worked with Paul, I often saw evidence of his concern for the working conditions and personal lives of our transporters. These are people--often recent immigrants to the United States--who have a key role in the care of the thousands of patients in our hospital. Paul not only supported our people: he got to know them personally and was there for them when there were personal crises or other concerns. His deep concern for all people in the hospital was no more evident than in his relationship with our team.

Nebiye Woldehaimanot,

Patient Transport and Linen Manager

Sofia Essayan-Perez MIT.jpg

Paul is an exemplary leader and mentor. I first met Paul in 2013 through the Community Catalyst Leadership Program at MIT, as an undergraduate student. Paul stands out as a coach in all of his endeavors, whether he is teaching soccer on the field or teaching leadership skills in a classroom at MIT. He was attentive to my questions and always provided valuable advice. The leadership skills I learned from him have been useful in my public service projects in rural Nicaragua, and in my current MD-PhD studies. Paul asks important questions and offers creative solutions, and I am certain he will bring great contributions to the education field.

Sofia Essayan-Perez

Lance Cmpbell.jpg

Paul has been a key and productive member of our Advisory Board. He volunteered his time to coordinate our strategic planning process and ably facilitated the meetings of our Board of Directors to reach a consensus on environmental, community outreach, diversity, and governance issues.

Lance Campbell,

Vice-Chair, Charles River Watershed Association


I've had the pleasure of working with Paul and serving with him on the ISO-New England Board. He is a collegial and helpful board member, building coalitions to further the public service mission of the organization. Further, his understanding of municipal finance is outstanding.

Phil Shapiro,

Former Vice-Chair, Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority; Former Chair, ISO-New England Board of Directors; Former Managing Director, Standard and Poor's; former Selectman, Town of Westwood

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Paul was extremely supportive of my professional development, and that of other women and minority staff at the MWRA. He was respectful of our perspectives and helpful to our personal growth. And, after we both left the authority, he remained as a generous personal advisor during my career.

Phyllis Dunn,

Former Chief Information Officer, MA Water Resources Authority

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Paul was a strong ally to South Cove Community Health Center in its role of serving the Asian community in Boston, Quincy, and other communities. He often visited us to encourage our staff, and he generously provided strategic advice, funding, and advocacy with city and state officials. Without any hesitation, I recommend and support Paul Levy.

Eugene Welch,

CEO, South Cove Community Health Center


Paul (Professor Levy at the time) was first my professor and then my advisor while at MIT for my Bachelor’s degree.  During his course, he shared cases from his experience making Boston better. The specific examples he shared with us on how he resolved problems and got people with very diverse interests working together to make our home town better were very insightful, and I have found myself reflecting back on them many years later.   


He also shared management rules he developed in his time leading large projects like the Boston Harbor Cleanup and also had us tackle real-world challenges.

I felt very fortunate that he agreed to become my advisor after the course until he was appointed Executive Dean for Administration at Harvard Medical School. From both personal experience and the stories he shared, I know Paul is a very strong advocate for those he represents.  

Paul was a collegial and effective board member for MIT Hillel. He was always a wise voice in our meetings, and participated energetically in our strategic planning process, helping us reach consensus and make effective plans to advance diverse student interests. I have also seen Paul’s engagement in local Newton affairs and been impressed by his deep knowledge, his analytical stance, and his commitment to hearing all voices and making rational decisions that are best for our community.

Ceani Guevara, Delaware

Daniel Jackson.jpg

Daniel Jackson,

former board chair, MIT Hillel

Marilee Ogren (1).jpg

My two daughters and a son were students in the K-12 Newton schools over the past 20 years. During those years we got to know Paul through Newton Girls Soccer when he served as president of the league, a coach, and an ever-present referee.  Paul has been an important role model for my children as soccer players and then as referees themselves. All three children learned invaluable lessons about sportsmanship, community, and leadership that are evident in their lives today. My son was a special beneficiary of Paul’s mentorship after my husband died as they served together as referees for several years, and later Paul helped launch my son’s career.  All three children were beneficiaries of his keen academic and career advice. These were acts of kindness on Paul’s part, with no interest in reciprocation. This too was an important lesson that I am grateful to see has taken root in my adult children.  I can’t think of a more apt candidate for the school committee than someone who manages to transmit these values, skills, and knowledge with such gentleness and good humor.

Marilee Ogren


Paul helped me design the PowerOptions energy purchasing cooperative that enabled public schools and other non-profit entities throughout Massachusetts to save hundreds of millions of dollars in electricity and natural gas purchases. He also participated in many informational forums for local officials to help them understand the program and take advantage of its features.

Robert Ciolek,

former Executive Director, MA Health and Education Facilities Authority

Note from Jessica.jpg

Under Paul's leadership, the MWRA invested in an environmental education program to teach schoolchildren of all ages about the water and wastewater system, along with other environmental issues.  This was an unusual initiative for a public agency. That program lives to this day and has been incorporated into the school programs in over 90% of the communities served by the Authority, including Newton.

Lorraine Downey,

City of Boston, Environment Department Director (1985-2002)

Matt DeBergalis.jpg

Paul, one of my professors at MIT, was an enthusiastic and engaging teacher. Further, he really cared about us students and was always available for mentoring or advice. He encouraged us to love the discovery of learning and to try out new things. I consider him a life-long friend and mentor.

Matt DeBergalis,

founder, ActBlue


My name is Adair Nolan, and I’m a senior at Newton North High School. Paul Levy was my soccer coach for two years in middle school, and he helped me develop my soccer skills and make it onto a club team. Now we play in the same pickup group every weekend. I’ve known Paul for six years, and he is a truly kind and genuine person. He constantly strives to improve this community and I have no doubt he will do the same on the Newton School Committee. I can think of no better person to fill this position. Paul definitely has my vote!

Adair Nolan,

NNHS '21


Paul was extremely supportive of Interpreter Services at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He understood that ensuring cultural competency of diverse populations requires transparent and prompt communication to limited English proficient patients and their families. In our case, this amounted to 170,000 encounters per year! We viewed him as a member of our multilingual "family" and cherished his engagement and advocacy on our behalf.

Paul was also personally helpful to me in supporting Project Health CV Inc., a nonprofit I co-founded to offer health services to underserved populations on the islands and in New England, where the Cape Verdean population is dense.

Ernestina DaMoura-Moreira

Executive Director, Project Health CV Inc


Paul was extremely helpful to our union of medical interns and residents over several years, training them in negotiation principles and other important matters and helping them to advocate for our priorities in hospitals throughout the United States.

Hilary Corrigan, former senior program manager, Committee of Interns and Residents/ SEIU Healthcare

1996 photo only.JPG

Paul coached for 27 years in Newton Girls Soccer, including years after his daughter Sarah graduated from NSHS. He also served in many capacities, including president of the league and member of the BAYS board. As a long time coach myself and President of the MA Youth Soccer Association, I can tell you that his commitment to the personal development of the girls in our towns and beyond was exemplary, setting a standard that was recognized by families and coaches throughout the region.

Ted Ritchie, 


soccer camp.jpg

When the Covid pandemic arrived and very young children were in lockdown, Paul understood their need for exercise and social interaction. He organized a weekly socially distant soccer camp for the 4-5 year olds in our neighborhood that provided a chance to play and learn. The games persist to this day, creating joy and enhancing the social and emotional development for the boys and girls.

Regina and Brian Penti, MD,

Newton Center

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